Stanley, D. (2013). The Pangolin Diary: An Australian Male Midwife in Africa. A book about my experiences as a male midwife working in remote and rural Zimbabwe in the early 1990’s. Strategic Books. ISBN: 978-1-62212-168-7

Title: The Pangolin Diary: An Australian Male Midwife in Africa
Year of Publication: 2013

Outline: The book comprises my reflections and insights into working as an Australian male midwife in rural Zimbabwe in the early 1990’s as AIDS and TB spread its shadow across the continent. It concerns my journey to Africa and transition to life in a remote, rural community, where I worked between June 1994 and August 1995. The book addresses my first year as a midwife and midwifery tutor in Africa and starts in Adelaide after my return. It begins with my going to a doctor to get the results of an HIV test. The remainder of the book is written as a reflection and outlines my accepting a place as a volunteer and subsequent journey to Murambinda hospital, a small mission hospital where much of the book is set. It explores a range of issues including grief and loneliness, building friendships and the medical and social issues faced by Zimbabwean women as they grapple with the impact of HIV/AIDS and other medical/midwifery conditions. The book focuses on my personal journey, as I try to adjust to working in Africa. It also outlines my fears, challenges, relationships and the dangers of working in a medically confronting, resource poor and overburdened health service. I describe how I set up a midwifery training school and take on other duties in the hospital, such as on-call anaesthetist and ultrasound scan operator. The book is replete with insights into midwifery practice and the experiences of local people as they cope with and sometimes suffer in a country struggling to manage the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Each chapter offers a different story or set of events (some are funny, many are sad or confronting) and I have included stories from a range of perspectives with many relating to patients or pregnant women and the fascinating people I encountered in Africa.

Pages: 429
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